Longitudinal Anchor Joint Polylock Inserts Integral Frame and Grate Numeric Labeling Directional Arrow Interlocking Joints Polymer Concrete Slopping Radius Bottom Anchor Lugs

Longitudinal Anchor Joint

The full-length keyway joint mechanically anchors the channel to the surrounding concrete encasement.

Polylock Inserts

Vibration dampening inserts help keep grates secure under load conditions.  PolyDrain channels feature RedDot polyethylene or GreenDot polypropylene inserts.

Integral Frame and Grate

An advanced integral frame and grate withstand high-speed highway traffic and snowplow blades.

Numeric Labeling

PolyDrain channels feature cast numeric labels to make installation easy and simple.

Directional Arrow

PolyDrain channels feature cast directional arrows to indicate the direction of water flow and ensure proper layout and installation.

Interlocking Joints

Interlocking tongue and groove joints aid positive alignment and provide a tighter joint.

Polymer Concrete

All PolyDrain channels are available in two polymer concrete formulations. Both offer superior strength and durability over alternative materials. All PolyDrain Polyester channels are UL classified.

Slopping Radius Bottom

PolyDrain channels have a built-in 0.6% slope and smooth radius bottom.

Anchor Lugs

Lateral anchor lugs secure the frame into the surrounding concrete delivering structural load transfer and maximum service life.