PolyDrain PDX
U-Leg Adjustable Rail Clamp Anchor Studs Grate Options Tongue and Goove Joints Numeric Labeling Polymer Concrete


No-float U-Legs eliminate subgrade barrier penetration common with most competitors systems and the concrete anchoring slab holds the forming system firmly in place.

Adjustable Rail Clamp

The adjustable clamp allows the formwork to be micro-adjusted once the anchoring slab is poured over the bottom of the u-legs and prevents uneven joints.

Anchor Studs

Welded concrete studs independently anchor the frame into the surrounding concrete delivering structural load transfer and maximum service life.

Grate Options

With almost 100 grate options available, we can help you select a grate with the right size, strength, style, and corrosion resistance for your application.

Tongue and Goove Joints

High precision tongue and groove joints for positive alignment and superior joint with any requisite sealant.

Numeric Labeling

PDX channels feature a numeric label to make installation easy and simple.

Polymer Concrete

All PDX channels are available in two polymer concrete formulations. Both offer superior strength and durability over alternative materials. All PolyDrain Polyester channels are UL classified.