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Sediment Screen Filter Panels Outlet Connections Removable Solid Cover Engineered Slope Structural Frame

Sediment Screen

The stainless steel sediment screen captures solid debris in the first chamber.

Filter Panels

Stainless-steel filter panels are designed to accept project-specific filter media packs.  Filter packages can be removed and replaced quickly for easy maintenance.

Outlet Connections

EPS forming system allows the installation of practically any fitting required to connect the pretreatment system to sanitary sewer or stormwater piping.

Removable Solid Cover

Solid covers are seated on independently anchored frames and removable for ease of access and maintenance.

Engineered Slope

The pre-sloped bottom eliminates ponding.  A critical consideration on projects where vector control is a concern.

Structural Frame

Structural steel angle is independently anchored to maximize load transference into the encasement concrete.