Vector Drain
PVC Drain Pipe Polymer Concrete Drain Top Installation Saddle Channel Couplers Perforated Covers Key-way Joints

PVC Drain Pipe

Available in pipe sizes of 4" or 6".  Ideal for pools, patios, and other pedestrian applications.

Polymer Concrete Drain Top

ADA compliant slot drain channel with a narrow profile and clean lines.  The polymer concrete top bonds with most concrete surface coatings and will create an unmatched, virtually invisible, finished appearance.

Installation Saddle

Polymer concrete saddle allows easy on-grade installation.

Channel Couplers

Channel couplers provide alignment and ensure easy installation using suspension techniques.

Perforated Covers

Optional perforated stainless steel covers create a unique and durable drainage profile.

Key-way Joints

Mechanical keyway joints anchor the channel to the surrounding concrete encasement.