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The Benefits of Using the PolyDrain® System

The Benefits of Using the PolyDrain® System

In many industries as well as residential areas, proper drainage of excess surface water is essential for maintaining optimal conditions of landscaping, protected building foundations, driveways and sidewalks, and the safety of others. There are several drainage options available, and in this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using the PolyDrain system for efficient drainage.

What’s a PolyDrain® System?

The PolyDrain is a drainage channel made of polymer concrete, which is a mixture of cement and polymer. The combination creates a strong material, great for drainage systems and easy to work with. PolyDrains are precast, meaning they aren’t poured onsite but come ready to install and work. They are designed in modular, interlocking sections.

Flexibility in Design

Because of the precast modular design, the PolyDrain is easily created to meet the requirements of any project. Along with the modular design, interlocking joints make it easy to use multiple pieces when necessary. When accuracy is a must, the PolyDrain system is the solution.

Precast Saves on Cost

Cast-in-place designs are costly because of the need for more crew members, additional equipment, and time. The precast system of the PolyDrain brings these costs down. There is no need for a concrete pour onsite, and the need for a form for the concrete is eliminated as well. Less equipment and crew saves your company money, and no need for curing saves time.

PolyDrains® Are Durable

Because of polymer concrete’s dependability and strength, the PolyDrain system can withstand a lot. The system resists water absorption, chemicals, and freezing and thawing. The PolyDrain won’t corrode from salt, oils, and even most acids. It’s even resistant to harmful UV rays. Durability makes it an excellent choice for nearly any application.

PolyDrains® Are Non-Flammable

In many industries, applications require flammable liquids, gases, or chemicals to flow through the PolyDrain channel. Because of this, the system is fire-resistant and meets all NFPA requirements, making it one of the greatest benefits of using the PolyDrain system.

No matter the application or industry, the PolyDrain system is reliable, efficient, easy to install, and one of the best ways to prevent excess surface water and allow the flow of unwanted materials. At ABT, we manufacture polymer concrete drainage supplies as well as all other trench drain supplies. We are the leaders in both cast-in-place and precast drainage systems. Contact us for more information about how ABT can solve your drainage problem.

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