ABT designs and manufactures some of the most extensive, reliable, and versatile lines of channel
drains, grates, and water management solutions in the industry.


  • PolyDrain PDX®

    Made-To-Order Polymer Concrete

    PolyDrain PDX® combines the precision and accuracy of premanufactured polymer concrete with the design flexibility of cast-in-place construction. The built-to-order channel sections satisfy practically any custom layout; structural or hydraulic load; and chemical resistance demands. Concrete drainage channels also feature tongue and groove joints for positive alignment and an outstanding fit with any requisite joint sealant.

    PDX is available in 7 different interior widths between 6” [152mm] and 24” [609mm] and 0.197” [5mm] depth increments, up to 19.69” [500mm]. Channel slopes can also be adapted to fit any project with up to a 4% grade.

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