Industrial Drainage Solutions


There are many industrial applications for trench drains. For indoor applications Polydrain products are ideal because of their classs A fire rating per UL 723 and zero mold growth per ASTM G-21.

With the most advanced and versatile products in the industry, ABT is the leader in designing solutions for the critical applications commonly found in industrial drainage situations.

Architects and Engineers recognize the benefits of using ABT products for a wide variety of industrial factory & manufacturing drainage applications. Industry experts trust ABT industrial drainage solutions and products, there are fewer limitations and greater flexibility so designers don’t have to make similar compromises required with other pre-manufactured products.

PolyDrain® polymer concrete trench drains give the specifier the precision and accuracy required to meet hydraulic and chemical resistant demands in industrial factory Applications, while TrenchFormer® is the preeminent pre-engineered concrete forming system.

ABT's cast in place concrete forming systems allow designers to select trench width, depth, shape, and slope as the hydraulic capacity or application requires.  And, unlike our competitors, the concrete formers are entirely removed after installation. This allows for a complete inspection of the workmanship and quality of the final product upon installation and to address issues as they arise, not after a catastrophic failure.

ABT provides high-quality and durable industrial factory & manufacturing drainage applications. Professionals throughout the industry trust our innovative design technology, so our industrial customers can expect to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of our high-performance and effective products.  We are also proud to offer great customer service and layout support with any of our high-grade products to meet any architectural or engineering water management design. We engineer our products for flexibility, precision, and accuracy, making them ideal for any custom surface layout.

Highway & Transportation Trench Drain Applications

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Highway & Transportation Trench Drain Applications

Our Products


PolyDrain® is a drainage channel made in modular, pre-sloped sections from polymer concrete. Combine interlocking trench drain sections to create runs of almost any configuration and length.

PolyDrain PDX®

PolyDrain PDX® combines the precision and accuracy of premanufactured polymer concrete with the design flexibility of cast-in-place construction. PolyDrain PDX® modular polymer concrete, trench drain surface drainage systems are second to none.


TrenchFormer is the original expanded concrete cast-in-place channel drain forming system. Completely customizable forming sections allow designers to select the width, depth, shape, and slope for any specification and project conditions.

Highway & Transportation Trench Drain Applications

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