Interceptor® Super Slope

Point Inlet Refinement

The Interceptor® SuperSlope augments the advantages of PDX with our integral frame and grate. SuperSlope is ideal for applications that require traversing grade, or where extra inflow capacity is needed. In a sump location, flanking inlet structures with SuperSlope has been shown to limit inlet bypass and reduce cost by reducing the number of structures needed.

Interceptor SuperSlope
Polymer Concrete Integral Frame and Grate Dynamic Load Rated Grates

Polymer Concrete

All PDX channels are available in two polymer concrete formulations. Both offer superior strength and durability over alternative materials. All PolyDrain Polyester channels are UL classified.

Integral Frame and Grate

The advanced integral frame and grate and lateral anchoring lugs help withstand high-speed highway traffic and snowplow blades.

Dynamic Load Rated Grates

Interceptor grating systems have a large inlet capacity for quick water removal.  Available in both one and two-piece configurations and features 100% domestic steel.


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Interceptor Super-Slope