Permavoid Innovative Drainage Systems

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Permavoid is a multi-functional stormwater management system engineered to create functional and appealing site drainage which treats stormwater as a resource, rather than a waste product.

Modular units with a 95% void ratio and ultra-shallow profile form a monolithic stormwater control structure that reduces the impact of urban development. Our designs and sustainable drainage products cultivate the natural movement of water within the local ecosystem and watershed. The high-strength polypropylene raft is also ideal for subbase, deep conveyance pipe, and water detention replacement. Eliminating traditional conveyance structures reduces the costs associated with deep excavations, backfill materials, and potential subgrade conflicts including bedrock, contaminated ground, buried utilities, and high water tables.

Ultra-Shallow Profile Shear Connector Structural Subbase Source Control

Ultra-Shallow Profile

The ultra-shallow profile promotes stormwater infiltration over the largest area possible, including under traditional and permeable pavements.

Shear Connector

Shear connectors prevent the modular units on top of each other from shifting or sliding sideways, creating a stable stack.

Structural Subbase

The ultra-high-strength (104 psi yield) safely and reliably transfers traffic loads to subgrade soils replacing large volumes of hauled subbase stone.

Source Control

Modular units with 95% void ratio interlock with patented lateral connectors to create a monolithic stormwater management system eliminating the need for an end of line pond and tank.

Permavoid innovative drainage systems are designed with functionality and sustainability in mind. Permavoid irrigation system is ideal for efficient water storage and stormwater management, with high-functionality and zero waste.

ABT Permavoid is a modular interlocking plastic system designed for use as a combined drainage component and sub-base replacement. The system has exceptionally high compressive strength due to it’s engineered co-polymer polypropylene structure. The proprietary jointing system provides maximum bending resistance creating a horizontal structural ‘raft’ within the pavement allowing for the dissipation of heavy traffic loads to even poor subgrade soils. Both PV-150 and PV-85 are ideally suited to provide conveyance, detention and LID source control of stormwater all within an ultra-shallow envelope.

We strive to provide high-quality products and solutions to solve any type of water management challenges. With years of experience and dedication to our work, we bring you the best customer service and all-around satisfaction.

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Design Software

Click for detailsPermavoid can be easily modeled with the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling system, allowing simplified analysis of its behavior in a drainage and stormwater management system.  HydroCAD includes custom rating curves for these devices, which can be used with the “special outlet” capability to easily define its stage-discharge characteristics. Click here for details.
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Technical Details
Tree Protection Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage.  Protect valuable infrastructure from damaging tree roots while simultaneously promoting tree health and vitality.  Permavoid provides positive air circulation and stormwater infiltration into the root zone of new or developing trees. Detail Sheets
Subbase Replacement Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage.  Replace up to 18 inches of aggregate subbase and 12 inches of excavation while managing stormwater within Permavoid. Detail Sheets
Passive Irrigation Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage. Reduce or eliminate irrigation expenses by utilizing stormwater. Control the volume of stored water to maximize the health and vitality of grass or other plant material. Detail Sheets
Bioswale Outlet Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage.  Reduce the size and quantity of bioswales by maximizing the performance of each.  Store water in Permavoid for controlled discharge to maintain ideal water depths. Detail Sheets
Bioswale Inlet Full System: Collection, Treatment & Storage.  Maximize the natural behavior of rainfall while reducing runoff volumes.  Combine bioswale infiltration and passive irrigation to store water where it’s needed most and eliminate the costs to move stormwater. Detail Sheet



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