ABT designs and manufactures some of the most extensive, reliable, and versatile lines of channel
drains, grates, and water management solutions in the industry.

Precast Concrete Drainage Channels

  • Pre-Sloped Trench Drain Systems

    The Standard for Pre-Engineered Trench Drains

    PolyDrain® is a drainage channel made in modular, pre-sloped sections from polymer concrete. Combine the interlocking sections to create runs of almost any configuration and length. In addition to its versatility, with precision pre-casting, you get a high-quality product that requires less onsite labor.

    Replace site-built drainage products with factory-built performance, consistency, and reliability.

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  • Surface Drainage Systems

    Made-To-Order Polymer Concrete

    PolyDrain PDX® combines the precision and accuracy of premanufactured polymer concrete with the design flexibility of cast-in-place construction. Our surface drainage systems are second to none. The built-to-order channel sections satisfy practically any custom layout, structural or hydraulic load, and chemical resistance demands. Concrete drainage channels also feature tongue and groove joints for positive alignment and an outstanding fit with any requisite joint sealant.

    PDX is available in 7 different interior widths from 6” [152mm] up to 24” [609mm] with depth increments from 0.197” [5mm] up to 19.69” [500mm]. Channel slopes can also be adapted to fit any project with up to a 4% grade.

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  • Paver Grate

    Discreet Drainage CHANNEL For Architectural Pavers

    PolyDrain PaverGrate® is designed to provide a discreet look when used in conjunction with brick or stone pavers.

    With a 5/16″ (7.9mm) opening, PaverGrate® is both ADA and Heel Proof.

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  • PolyDrain Shallow

    Economical Polymer Concrete Channels

    When performance matters on your project, our PolyDrain® Shallow drainage channels offer a practical and economical drainage solution. The initial cost of plastic and fiberglass trench drain may look attractive; however, the different thermal expansion coefficients between dissimilar materials and surrounding concrete repeatedly introduce extreme thermal stresses. These stresses can lead to fracture or deformation of the drainage channels. Most fiberglass and plastic materials are also extremely susceptible to UV degradation.

    Under serviceable design loads and proper installation, polymer concrete can often outlast the life of the concrete slab. This superior quality makes our shallow depth drainage channels top of the line.

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  • VectorDrain®

    Economical Slot Drain

    VectorDrain® is an ADA compliant slot drain channel with a narrow profile and clean lines. The polymer concrete inlet will also withstand harsh environments that often destroy plastic systems. VectorDrain® is a smart and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of drainage situations and capable of handling the heaviest pedestrian traffic.

    The polymer concrete top also bonds with most concrete surface coatings and will create an unmatched, virtually invisible, finished appearance. Thus, VectorDrain® is the ideal slot drain for patios, pool decks, running tracks, sidewalks, and pavilions.

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  • Interceptor® A-67

    Quintessential Highway Drainage System

    We developed Interceptor® in collaboration with numerous state departments of transportation to address the common and long-standing challenges of roadway drainage. Interceptor® A-67 limits excessive spread and dangerous hydroplaning conditions where standing water, sheet flow, and inlet bypass problems exist. Our Interceptor® drain systems include advanced integral frames and grates, which can withstand high-speed highway traffic and snowplow blades. Equally important, common trench obstructions are cleared through the grates with conventional high-pressure wash equipment and trucks.

    The performance and technical design of the Interceptor® A-67 highway drainage system has set the standard for Transportation Departments in North America.

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  • Interceptor Drain Systems

    Point Inlet Refinement

    The Interceptor® SuperSlope augments the advantages of PDX with our integral frame and grate. SuperSlope is the perfect interceptor drain system for applications that require traversing grade or where extra inflow capacity is needed. In a sump location, flanking inlet structures with SuperSlope has been shown to limit inlet bypass and reduce cost by reducing the number of structures needed.

    For over 30 years, our skilled team has made it our top priority to provide outstanding service and top-of-the-line drain solutions. Our interceptor drain systems and other drainage products are uniquely designed using materials of the highest standard.

    We take pride in the fact that we manufacture some of the most extensive, reliable, and versatile lines of channel drains, grates, and water management solutions in the industry.

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