Grate Loading – Static

Static Load Classifications Based on
AASHTO M306 Test Method

DescriptionLight DutyMedium DutyHeavy Duty Extra Heavy DutyExtreme Heavy DutyAirport RatedAirport Rated
Typical ApplicationPedestrian TrafficSidewalks & Residential ParkingCommercialIndustrial, Roads and HighwayHard Tire Forklifts, Heavy VehiclesMunicipal and Regional AirportsInternational and Military Airports or Intermodal Port Facilities
Application Proof load (psi)75psi150psi310psi494psi
Variable2469 psi
Maximum Proof Load 6,000 lbs12,150 lbs25,000 lbs40,000 lbs50,000 lbs100,000 lbs200,000 lbs
Typical Applicable StandardsIndustry Standard:
Foot traffic
Industry Standard:
Light Pneumatic Tire Traffic
Federal Specification
FAA AC-150
Regional Airport
Industry Standard:
Airport Port/Intermodal
ADA Trench Drain IconADA Compliant - Grate's slot width does not exceed 1/2 Inch in the predominant travel direction.
Forklift and Hard-Tire Trench Drain IconHard Tire Rated - TFX rails, PDX rails, and PolyDrain frames are Hard Tire Fork Lift Rated to grate and encapsulation concrete load limits.
heel safe trench drain iconHeel Proof Rated - Grate's slot width does not exceed 5/16 Inch.
dynamic loads and roadway trench drain iconDynamic Load Rated - Grates, rails, frames, and grate retention are designed for 0.7g transverse and longitudinally dynamic loads.
airport rated trench drain iconAirport Rated - Designed for both large vertical and dynamic loads. Common conditions in Airport, Port, and Intermodal applications.