Mold & Fungi Resistant

Anti-microbial Performance

Trench drains are inherently dark and moist places.  If precaution is not taken, they can often develop mold and mildew issues when used in interior applications.

ASTM G21 – Antifungal Test


logoABT’s polymer concrete formulas are specially formulated for their outstanding chemical and bacterial resistance. Tested, per ASTM G-21, to determine it's resistance to fungi by an independent lab they found PolyDyn® displayed zero mold and fungi growth.

In contrast, various synthetic plastic components actually act as a carbon source for microbial organicisms and contribute to mold growth. With trench drains often used in indoor applications maintaining air quality is critical.

All of our polyester polymer concrete products also carry the UL 723 Classified mark for Class A fire rating.  ABT is dedicated to making products that maximize both the life cycle of our products and the life safety of the building occupants.