Why Drainage Plans Are Important

Why Drainage Plans Are Important

Understanding the first steps toward corralling water as it falls allows us to then determine how to get it into our sewers and waterways. Implementing proper channels for drainage requires planning and surveying different areas.

Water is constantly being cycled to not only provide us with what we need for daily life within our homes, but irrigation for crops, water for other living things, and even a collection that adds moisture into our air on its way back up to the clouds. Knowing why drainage plans are important will help you determine the best application strategies.

Structure Damage

To have proper drainage in an area that holds a structure, it’s essential that there is proper grading. Land grading is the flattening or sloping of land to ensure water doesn’t damage a building. It’s a way of leveling the surface or tilting it so that water moves away rather than toward it. Site grading is paired with drainage planning to ensure that water is not being unnecessarily blocked when it travels outdoors; if it is, it could lead to water getting contaminated or damaging the property.

Effective flow of water to its proper destination is crucial. Damage is preventable in many cases with the right methods. The use of one of ABT’s industrial drainage systems can be used in a variety of applications to maintain safety through water disbursement, fire and chemical resistance, and avoiding mold growth accompanied by stagnant water.

Water Contamination

Water that’s allowed to run anywhere without any sort of drainage intervention can become contaminated very quickly. When water floods and pools, it can attract pests, absorb toxins on the ground, and can be accessed by a variety of wildlife which will further contaminate the water with their bacteria and excrement.

All water has a purpose, even the water we use in our homes and businesses. Allowing it to be accessed by unnecessary hazards is irresponsible as it can contaminate larger water supplies in the area. Quick drainage used through proper planning allows for better and safer results.

Environmental Impact

Due to the cyclical nature of all water, we’ll always have an environmental impact on it. It is important for both the regions outside and facilities inside to implement proper drainage solutions. Without them, a given area is susceptible to erosion and damage caused by uncontrolled water in large quantities. Planning accordingly for the continuous elimination of water into dedicated channels is essential. Roads, parks, and commercial buildings alike are all affected in various ways because of the ways in which surface water is managed.

Regardless of if you need surface or subsurface drains to remove water, planning is key. It takes the evaluation of many possible circumstances in order to choose the best option. For questions or concerns regarding why drainage plans are important and how to choose, consult a professional at ABT.