How Does Weather Impact Airport Operations?

How Does Weather Impact Airport Operations?

Airports face a consistent challenge of working through weather conditions to remain operational. Depending on wind speeds, overcast, possible precipitation, and the runway status, the workers will have a difficult time with takeoff and preparation. This potential threat is avoidable by combating it with a trench drain implemented in select areas across the airport.

How Would It Work

A trench drainage system acts as an elongated drainage grate, usually on a slope or path. This drainage system redirects water to a roadway drainage system and disperses it away from the trench drain area.

Effects on the Runway

One way weather impacts airport operations in wet conditions is by causing sliding for a plane due to the lack of grip. In these conditions, an aircraft would also have to wait for the rainwater on the runway to thin enough so it could take off, causing a shift in the flight schedule. However, when an airport uses a trench drainage system to divert the water away from the runway, inbound and outbound pilots will have an easier time operating their planes.

Since the runway is so expansive, placing drains in multiple areas of the path is the most effective. The flat surfaces of the grate would also ensure that the plane does not experience any bumps while taking off or landing.

Effects on the Hanger

On parts such as the airport apron, the area needs to be clear for planes to move throughout the hangers. If flooding occurs, the chances of slipping increase, and workers will be in unsafe conditions as the water accumulates. A trench drain spanning the entire opening of the hanger keeps the floors inside from pooling with water, allowing for safe and clean production.

The safety of workers is essential, so it’s just as important to have the best safety measures. How weather impacts airport operations is a constant concern for airports and can affect the lives of many, especially when airplanes are involved. Trench drains can help counter the effects of bad weather and keep storms from ruining the day of hardworking employees and travelers.