How To Install Your Precast Trench Drain System

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A precast trench drain system prevents potential issues when it comes to draining complications. There are several benefits of using polymer concrete drainage channel suppliers. These benefits include design flexibility, construction accuracy, and less cost for labor and installation. Considering that polymer concrete withstands elements such as salt, oil, and other acids, it will successfully protect your drainage system. The information below will help you know how to install your precast trench drain system.

Install the Appropriate Channels

  1. Establish an excavation of at least four inches under and on both sides of the drain system.
  2. Allow the appropriate space to cover the complete length of each channel.
  3. Install the next channel on bricks, securing into the other channels from step two. Adjust the alignment to fit correctly.

Secure Alignment and Form the Proper Connections

  1. Force two rebar stakes to secure the upstream end and joint of the subsequent channel.
  2. Secure the alignment using tie wire. Ensuring the position helps with the possibility of potential floating.

Connect Drains and Choose End Caps

  1. Make the proper drain connections. Choosing between an outlet end cap or a catch basin determines your following action. If you choose the end cap, you must glue it into place.
  2. Repeat steps four and five, attaching the appropriate end cap each time.

Unloading the Grates

  1. Put the grates down while the concrete is pouring to assure suitable placement.
  2. The concreting process commences.
  3. In order to secure the slab, measure it according to how many inches are left on each side. The general rule is to measure it 1/8″ for every foot on each side. Unwrap and bolt down the grates.

A precast system allows you to not worry about the weather and extensive labor that installation requires. However, it does have some detractors. Transporting the precast may cause issues since it’s so heavy. Additionally, modifications are harder to complete. Lastly, each piece needs the proper connection, or else severe problems will occur.

Now that you have the proper knowledge on how to install your precast trench drain system, you can consider whether or not to get one for yourself. If so, ABT Drains can help you every step of the way.