6 Signs Your Trench Drain Needs an Update Now

Trench drains may wear out over time or need repairs. Keep an eye out for the six signs your trench drain needs an update now to avoid excess water problems.

When protecting your property from water damage, a trench drain is an excellent solution. However, if yours was installed years ago, it may need an update. In this article, we’ll look at the six signs your trench drain needs an update now so you can prevent damage from excess surface water.

Standing Water

Standing water anywhere on the property is one of the signs your trench drain needs an update now. When a trench drainage system is working well, excess water should disappear.

Standing water ruins the grass, attracts insects, and makes it difficult to use the lawn or even walk across it. Standing water can also lead to bad odors, a damaged home foundation, and unhealthy soil and landscaping.

Cracks in the Foundation

Cracks in the foundation can happen over time with age—but they’re also a sign there may be a trench drain issue. If you see cracks in the foundation, get the drainage system checked to make sure they aren’t caused by excess water around the foundation.

Eroded Soil

If the soil on your property is constantly washed away—leaving damaged landscaping and unhealthy grass in its wake—it may be a drainage issue. When water isn’t drained efficiently from the yard, the soil becomes compacted or slowly disappears altogether.

Unhealthy Landscaping

When the soil erodes, the landscaping is damaged. Excess moisture settling in around the landscaping leads to unhealthy flowers, shrubs, and trees. If you can’t create a beautiful landscape no matter what you do, trench drain problems could be the reason.

The Garage Is Wet

Sometimes a driveway slopes slightly toward the garage rather than away from it. In these cases, a trench drain is usually installed to help alleviate any water issues. However, if it’s not installed properly or doesn’t get updated after many years of use, water may begin to make its way into the garage—and towards the rest of the home.

Get to the source of the excess water quickly and update the trench drain if needed.

A Wet Basement

Water in the basement is another big danger sign. Once the water reaches the inside of your home it can cause extensive damage. Check the trench drain—or get it inspected by a professional—to see if the drainage of excess water can be improved.

When you see areas of concern around your home, consult these six signs your trench drain needs an update. If it looks like the problem is your trench drain, contact your professional drainage system specialist right away.

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