How Trench Drains Keep Roads Safe

How Trench Drains Keep Roads Safe

Keeping roads safe requires more than just the bare minimum features of the road itself. Rainfall and water from nearby areas can appear without warning and create a danger for cars and drivers. Removing this excess water is one of the ways trench drains keep roads safe. Let’s look at what a trench drain is and the three issues it can help drivers avoid.

What’s a Trench Drain?

A trench drain is a trough-shaped drain that sits just below the surface. It quickly channels and removes excess surface water. On a roadway, trench drains serve to protect cars and drivers.

Prevent Flooding

In many situations, a trench drain helps prevent and slow down flooding. When flooding happens, it’s highly unpredictable. A flash flood comes without warning, but a tropical storm may give you many days of notice to prepare. Not every flood is preventable, so some can affect the state of the roadway. Still, with trench drains in place, the likelihood of preventing minor flooding is higher.

Prevent Hydroplaning

If you’ve ever experienced hydroplaning (uncontrollable sliding on a wet surface), you know how frightening it is. It’s a sudden, unexpected loss of control that no one wants to feel while driving. With trench drains in place, hydroplaning is less likely because of the constant drainage of excess water.

Maintain Smooth Surfaces

Roadways must deal with inclement weather, flying debris, dust, dirt, and all kinds of objects. There aren’t many things people can do to prevent large objects from creating hazardous roads, but small debris that comes with rain can make its way down a trench drain, helping keep the roads smooth.

After reading our list of how trench drains keep roads safe, you’ll likely start noticing trench drains as you drive. Always be aware of your surroundings and any hazards. Even though trench drains remove excess water, avoid roads that are flooded or may become flooded.

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