Top 6 Drainage Solutions for Commercial Use

Top 6 Drainage Solutions for Commercial Use

Don’t wait until there is a water issue to install a drainage system. In this article, we’ll look at the top six drainage solutions for commercial use. Choose one or more, depending on the size of your property, and take away the worry of excess water damage.

French Drains

A French drain is a trench filled with rock or gravel. This method uses a perforated pipe to direct excess water away from the property, protecting the foundation.


Sometimes, it’s the land that makes drainage difficult. In those cases, grading of the property helps redirect water.

When there is a slight slope toward the building, grading builds up the slope so that water flows away from the building rather than toward it. Sometimes, land is too flat, or a slope in any area of the property has a problem with collecting water. These situations are all fixed with grading.

A Swale

A swale is a ditch used to redirect water away from a building. The great thing about a swale is that it can add aesthetic appeal to your commercial property. Swales easily incorporate into landscaping and look like an attractive creek even if they are designed for drainage purposes.

Trench Drains

A trench drain is a long, narrow, concrete channel that’s covered with a grate and used to move excess surface water away from an area. There are two types of trench drains—precast and cast in place.

Precast Trench Drain

The precast trench drain is manufactured and cured before being delivered to the site. Since it is premade, it is installed easily and can be used immediately. There are many benefits to the precast trench drain, including the fact that weather poses no issue when installing since the concrete is already cured.

Cast in Place Trench Drain

The cast in place trench drain is formed on-site. Concrete is poured using a form, then cured. The time it takes for the cast in place trench drain to cure depends on climate and weather, which is a downside to this method. Still, the benefit is a precise trench drain formed directly in its intended location.

Point Drains

A point drain is used inside a commercial building in areas where water regularly collects , such as a shower or warehouse where equipment is cleaned. The only requirement is for the floor to slope toward the point drain.

Slot Drain

The slot drain is a slim design that uses a premade single piece. Because of the narrow design, a grate covering isn’t needed. Slot drains are more often seen on the interior of a commercial building.

We hope our top six drainage solutions for commercial use have cleared up any questions you have about controlling excess surface water on your commercial property. Thankfully, there is a drainage solution for every situation.

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