What To Consider for Slot Drain Specifications

What To Consider for Slot Drain Specifications

Different projects require a variety of drainage options based on whether grates are wanted or needed. Many factors will determine which type of system best suits the task. Slot drains are durable, easy to clean and sanitize, visually discrete, resistant to corrosion and temperature, and are load class rated. Knowing what to consider for slot drain specifications may help you decide if one is right for your project.

Hydraulic Performance

As you embark on the exploration into whether a slot drain is the best choice, you will need to compare the drainage requirements of your site to the hydraulic performance of the drain. Though slot drains are almost unseen, they can handle high-capacity water drainage. A standard drain piece has a flow rate of over thirty gallons per minute (GPM).

Traffic Loadings

Before opting for a slot drain, determine the type of traffic that will travel over your drain. Answering questions regarding average vehicle weight, average size and types of tires, frequency of traffic, and speed will help. The higher the speed of traffic, the greater the load your drain will need to be able to handle. Slot drains lacking grates are suitable for high traffic areas.

Long-Term Durability

Determining the long-term wear and tear on your drainage system is a must. You will want to think about the drain’s ability to handle years of climate change and season cycling, its resistance to chemicals and fire, its stability under consistent UV light, and what the surrounding pavement finish is made of. ABT Drains manufactures two pre-cast products that are durable and developed to deliver long-term, quality results. The Vectordrain has a polymer concrete top that will blend in with the surface pavement, creating a virtually invisible appearance.

User Requirements

Because slot drains do not require grates, you have much more flexibility with placement and usage. We offer two options for slot drains. If you are in need of a drain that is ADA compliant, go with the Vectordrain. For pre-engineered trench drainage options, opt for the Polydrain, built with interlocking sections to create runs. This product is versatile and high-quality.

Installation Process

We offer residential drainage solutions that are commercial grade and easy to install. Regardless of whether a drainage system meets all requirements, the whole thing will be worthless if not installed properly. Turn to the professionals at ABT Drains to ensure your installation is done correctly to provide proper function.

If you know what to consider for slot drain specifications, you’ll be able to make important decisions regarding products and installation. Be sure to account for all previously mentioned necessary features of your drainage system. Eliminating stagnant water is essential in protecting residents from environmental dangers.