10 Signs That You May Need a New Drainage System

10 Signs That You May Need a New Drainage System

A devastating blow to your home can occur if you don’t have a properly functioning drainage system installed. As you will soon realize, a drainage system that is not up to par with your home’s needs will lead you to spend thousands of dollars on repairs that you could’ve gotten ahead of with reliable drainage. A new drainage system from ABT is also a long-term investment, so you can avoid all of these issues for decades. To see where you stand, unearth the different signs that you may need a new drainage system from ABT Drains!


The first scenario you might run into that can give you a good indication you need to consider a new drainage system is an obvious one—you experience flooding. When you experience flooding in your home, chances are it will occur in the lowest part of your home, which is the basement for many. Flooding can also occur outside in your lawn or on the driveway. Standing water in your home is dangerous to your health and home for several reasons, and the best way to resolve the issue is to come to the realization that you have suffered from a drain or sewer malfunction.

Overflowing Gutters

If you notice that your home’s gutter is overflowing with water, this is another way to determine you have a problem with your drainage. As the season starts to change, you might have plenty of leaves and debris causing blockage. Overflowing gutters can cause structural damage, deteriorate paint, and rot the siding of your home. Become aware of this common issue and reduce the damage.

Basement Water Stains

When you venture into your basement, you might also start to notice white or gray stains on the walls. Don’t overlook this, because it is yet another signal that you are dealing with water damage that stems from drainage system issues. Not only do you need to clean your stained walls, but you should also seek professional help to address the bigger drainage issue.


Another sign that you may need a new drainage system has to do with what you might be hearing. A drainage system that is working properly shouldn’t be making any noise. Therefore, if you notice any strange sounds coming from your drainage system such as any gurgling from the pipes, you may have a blockage that you need to then make a priority.

Foundation Cracks

Next up, you may come across foundation cracks scattered across your home. Normally, small foundation cracks aren’t an issue, but when you start to notice ones that are growing larger than an eighth of an inch wide, then you should address the problem because that means the cracks are getting larger. Foundation cracks can form as a result of a damaged drainage system, so that is usually the issue that needs to be looked into first.

Mildew or Mold

A common household problem most owners encounter is mildew or mold. For those who are not aware, this comes from a buildup of moisture in an area that could also be caused by having a failing drainage system. We don’t have to get into specifics as to how bad mold or mildew can be to breathe in, but it is something worth fixing as soon as you can. A lot of the time, you will find mildew in your home’s attic, so it might be worth inspecting every few months to check for any growth and stop the issue before it gets out of hand. Setting your sights on a new drainage system will also save you thousands of dollars and will likely reduce these occurrences in the future.


A problematic drainage system can also lead to something you might not be ready to face—an infestation. That’s right, a drainage system that needs replacement could lead to you having bugs and rodents in your space. Little critters thrive on sewage, and a major reason why they might be drawn to your home in the first place could be related to your drainage system being outdated.


Not all of the signs that you need to get yourself a new drainage system are visual. Sometimes, you may notice that your home reeks of some nature. This is another way you can lead yourself to a problem with the current drainage system you have in place. But strange odors can be a sign of several issues in your home. For drainage-related complications, the odor will come from the water you use in your home, from your shower head to the faucet in your kitchen. Your water shouldn’t smell spoiled in any way, so reach out if it does, because it could indicate the existence of a serious issue with your drainage system.

Increased Bill Expense

To see if you have to invest in a new drainage system, you can also take a look at your monthly bills. While bills can already be a scary sight, a reason why you might have an increased monthly water expense can be related to your drainage system. In some cases, you having to dish out more money each month might be due to your drainage system not working properly in the first place. Not to mention you might be wasting water if you are dealing with leaks or clogs. Don’t accept the increase in your monthly bills and do something to lower them instead!


An easy way you can see that your drainage system needs an update is by simply knowing how old it is. While drainage systems can last around 20 years, you may be living in an older home and the system in place could be running out of life. Being aware of how old your drainage system might be is one of the last reasons to get a new system, but make it a priority to care for it so it reaches the point where it lasts decades.

As you can see, a ton of issues can stem from having a drainage system that is not up to the standard you need it to be operating at. If you are looking for a way to resolve the issue, get that professional help from ABT’s residential drainage systems for driveways, patios, pools, and other aspects of your home!

10 Signs That You May Need a New Drainage System