Understanding the Causes of Urban Runoff

Understanding the Causes of Urban Runoff

When a hard rain falls, we often don’t think about how it affects the nearby bodies of water. We typically focus on keeping water from damaging our properties and flooding our yards and homes. However, if we take a moment to zoom out a bit, there’s a larger issue with water cycling through urban areas. There are several ways to maintain water quality in populated parts, but the first step to solving this issue is understanding the causes of urban runoff. 

Using the wrong products

Using “green” cleaning products or products that the manufacturer has deemed eco-friendly is an excellent step to protecting your area’s water quality. People often think they can dump whatever they want down their drains. This a huge mistake, as it’s nearly impossible to restore water with harsh chemicals in it. Making the switch to environmentally friendlier products will give you the same clean within your house while protecting the water around your home.

You should also reconsider the products you use on your lawn and outside your home. When it rains, fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides are washed down drainage areas and corralled into broader water collection areas. Being environmentally conscious means finding ways of executing tasks around your home with more natural solutions. Need ideas? Check out any DIY-based websites, apps, and publications; they’ve got natural solutions for your natural problems.  

Improper cleanup and disposal

When you have something you need to clean up, such as an oil spill at your residence, consider using an absorbing agent. Kitty litter or other spill-absorbing products are much better options than hosing off the area. The earth would then absorb these harmful chemicals, which would make their way into water collections, damaging your soil and killing necessary bugs and insects.  

Furthermore, a lot of people think flushing old medications and other substances is fine because we flush sewage. Natural human waste can be filtered out through the proper processes, but medications essentially poison our water. Many pharmacies offer disposal services for unwanted, expired, or unneeded drugs. Using the appropriate channels to dispose of these products contributes to better overall water quality.

Drainage Systems

Ready to take the maintenance of the water quality in your area a step further? ABT Drains installs sustainable drainage products to filter out debris, bacteria, and concentrated pollutants. The purpose to take preventative measures against these contaminants’ continuation to downstream channels.

You are the first defense against water pollution in your area. By understanding the causes of urban runoff and combining your efforts with the professional efforts of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), you are protecting the Earth, the water, and the health of your community with the implementation of a few adjustments. We only have one Earth; changing how we think and conduct ourselves is the key to its survival and sustainability.