How To Design a Drainage System

How To Design a Drainage System
Before deciding to implement a drainage system into your yard, you’ll want to survey the area and identify key details. Continue reading for more information.

There are going to be areas in our yards that naturally accumulate water. Knowing how to design a drainage system will help you create a concrete plan for transporting collected water out of your lawn. In doing so, you will be able to remove water from your living spaces and send it to the appropriate channels.

Identify Potholes

Before deciding where you will need to place drainage piping, you will need to have your yard surveyed. During this process, potholes can be identified as the main areas that need to be drained. These areas on your property will hold the most water during times of precipitation and will most likely still hold collected water several days later. 

Work Around Other Utilities

Once you have identified the potholes, you will need to have a commercial drainage solutions professional identify utility lines in your area. This process ensures you will not damage other systems when digging trenches for drainage. Be aware that electrical wiring, fiber optics, communication lines, and more lay under the surface of your yard. 

Tread lightly if you are considering doing any digging yourself. Damaging any of these lines could result in a lot of extra work, loss of power and money, communication issues, and even personal injury. If you don’t know what lies under the surface of your yard, leave this process to someone with professional experience who can prevent unnecessary damages, vast expenses, and a waste of time. For these areas in which water collects and there is a high volume of other utility wires, a vacuum excavator will be necessary.  

Draining Location

When creating a drainage system, you’ll want to know where you want the water to run off. Typically, a curb is best, as the city has built-in drainage systems that carry the runoff to the sewers and collect it properly. Certified technicians at ABT Drains, Inc. specialize in coming up with a drainage plan and helping you make decisions about your system.

Knowing how to design a drainage system may not be as troublesome as you thought. In general, the reasoning behind each decision is relatively straightforward. Though the steps seem easy, a simple implementation process could turn into a nightmare situation quickly. It’s best to allow qualified experts to field this one, as it can be a quick and simple process when done correctly.